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Greetings, curious traveler! I’m Jared. I founded TAR+FEATHER as a full-service media production outfit in 2015, a time when it seemed the many hats I wore as a freelancer all started to pile atop my head simultaneously. It became clear that I needed a much more robust operation in place that could handle all manner of production and post for an array of commercials, music videos, web shows, long and short form narrative works (even some VFX and experimental art stuff that resists broad classification). So – PRESTO! – this scrappy, but mighty, company came into being. Since then, TAR+FEATHER has serviced my creative output over several different facets: directorial, editorial, photographic, and on and on. That said output has also graced televisions and theaters all over the earth (and in the sky), has been awarded several Telly’s and other flattering bits of hardware, was honored by Vimeo Staff Picks & Short of the Week, included in Ohio State University’s “Journal of Short Film,“ and featured in magazines such as Paste, SmileFaucet, and Aesthetica.  Please feel free to peruse the portfolios at your leisure and, by all means, reach out if something tickles your fancy.

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