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Two years ago when I heard “Hoping For”, what I was left with was a void needing filled with more music from Adelaide, South Australia’s Bad//Dreems. Because at that time, this and two or three other songs was all that made up their catalog. In the time since then they have released a six track EP titled “Badlands”, which easily wrangled its way into my 2013 year-end list and luckily you can pick it up on iTunes right here!


The saga of Adelaide’s local legends continued as a couple more singles trickled out this summer with 7″ title track release “Dumb Ideas” and a new favorite on the B Side with “My Only Friend”. All of this alongside numerous accolades pertaining to their live show still just kept me longing for more. This is rare for someone like myself that has a tendency to wear out a set of songs like this and retiring them into the archives for something new, but not in this case. These are timeless punk rock songs of a modern era that eagerly rival the glory of their 80’s mainstays in the likes of The Replacements or Australia’s Hard-Ons. Attention to detail within the dark sheds light songwriting of Alex Cameron (first hand guitarist who couldn’t join us stateside) is the staple of Bad//Dreems and key in setting them apart from the countless other bands tagging along in the latest movement of indie pop, punk, garage, alternative, or whatever else you may want to coin it as… Any explanation becomes irrelevant as the realization sinks in that whatever it is they are doing, they are bringing all the right ingredients.


Cut back to about 3 months ago when Culture Collide unveils the 2014 festival lineup and holy fucking shit, whad’ya know, Bad//Dreems making their U.S. Debut right here in sunny Los Angeles, California.


At that time Half Stop was, and pretty much still is in its infant stages but no way was I passing up even the idea of an opportunity to shoot a session with this band whose music I’ve held in such high regard these past two years. Before now, even simply seeing them live was a fairly farfetched idea without hopping on a plane headed to the land down under. So in conclusion, not only did we get to shoot an amazing session with the guys and have “heaps” of fun doing it but also now have an open invite to visit SA to hang with our handful of new friends anytime we damn well please!


Add all those factors up and I’d say we all came out pretty alright! Minus the picture of the “wind-surfer” that will forever be burned into my memory after a drunken night of partying with these boys (that’s an inside joke that only the few in attendance will understand)!


Lastly, I would just like to give a big thanks to Ivy League Records for giving us the go ahead on releasing this live version of “Bogan Pride”, a track that has yet to even be recorded. We are more than stoked to be the ones sharing it with all who are reading and watching this, especially if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it performed live! The official version of this will be on their widely anticipated full length debut due out sometime next year on Ivy League!


Ben Marwe – Vocals, Guitar
Ali Wells – Guitar
James Bartold – Bass, Vocals
Miles Wilson – Drums


Bad//Dreems Bandcamp: baddreems.bandcamp.com/
Bad//Dreems iTunes: itunes.apple.com/au/artist/bad-dreems/id561096607
Bad//Dreems Facebook: facebook.com/badbaddreems
Bad//Dreems Official: baddreems.com/
Ivy League Records: ivyleague.com.au/home


Directed & Edited by: Travis Button (travisbutton.com)
Additional Cameras by: Tunahan Bilgin (blog.tunahanemre.com), Kwesi James (kwesi-james.com)
Sound & Mix by: Travis Button
Produced by: Half Stop Sessions (halfstopsessions.com)
Associate Producers: Jeff Anderson (wearesolidgold.com), Nick Lynagh (habitmusiccompany.com.au), Lolipop Records (lolipoprecords.com)