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When my buddy Jeff of Solid Gold shot me the link for Zulu Pearls, I really had no idea what to expect. But anyone who knows me knows that I am always the first to give anything a listen and constantly on the hunt for great new music. Looking back at that e-mail, it happened to be on my 30th birthday as well, and what a nice present it turned out to be. Upon pushing play, it immediately resonated sounds of Generationals to me, which was a very good thing because I am a huge fan of the Generationals since my 2013 introduction with the Heza LP. This album and Zulu Pearls’ debut LP, No Heroes No Honeymoons, were actually released within a few months of one another and ironically come to find out Zach had never even heard of the Generationals before and I thought it was pretty cool that they had formulated such original, yet similar sounds all the while existing on opposite sides of the globe.


Even with this similarity in mind, the music of Zulu Pearls still maintains a very unique existence of its own. A vocal delivery like this is so catchy and impossible to ignore that it will often distract a listener from what he is actually writing/singing about in the first place. With that said, the multidimensionality of his music is what had me from the first listen, in depth song-writing backed by perfectly composed instrumentation that encapsulates everything that good pop music is about.


With “Safe Things” we get an all too personal familiarity in realizing how we all need to spend a little more time saying fuck the safe things in life. In an homage to and a last grasp for the fleeting youth of our 20’s turned 30’s (some may have experienced this earlier and I’m sorry for you) Zach sings:


“Yeah you wonder why I go out every night
Fall for every line
And go to sleep when it’s light


Cuz I don’t want no safe things and I’m not alone
Don’t want no safe things til I’m dirt and bone
Don’t want no safe things”


Aside from becoming a big fan of what Zulu Pearls is doing, this session was a true collaborative effort in every sense and we had the day to chill and have some drinks with Zach, scout this location, shoot the shit and the conclusion is that he’s just an all around good guy making some great music. A very humble, deserving person. So if you enjoyed the sesh then click on some of the links below and give him your support, listen to his record, maybe even buy it if you feel inclined or at the least just share it with someone else who you think might appreciate it.


Zach Van Hoozer – Vocals, Guitar


Zulu Pearls Bandcamp: zulupearls.bandcamp.com/
Zulu Pearls Facebook: facebook.com/zulupearls
Zulu Pearls Official: zulupearls.com/


Directed & Edited by: Travis Button (travisbutton.com)
Sound & Mix by: Travis Button
Produced by: Half Stop Sessions (halfstopsessions.com)
Associate Producer: Jeff Anderson (wearesolidgold.com)