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I had pitched Mark on a video concept for this song before the pandemic hit.  It was going to entail recruiting a sizable percentage of the Louisville population and having them all gather together in close quarters.  A celebration of the human connection, if you will.  We were making travel plans when the California lockdown happened.  So, needless to say, we went back to the drawing board.  In the early days of quarantine it seemed like every band was live streaming from their bedroom.  And every music video, it seemed, was some sort of riff on Zoom.  We wanted to do something that satirized those tendencies but also elevated the human experience of this moment (without it feeling like a bank ad).  This is the result of over 50 participants from all over the world, shot and edited in full quarantine (not to mention a hefty VFX process that required me to shoot back plates that matched every video submission using only the small confines of my own home).  If there is one thing we tried to communicate with this project it’s that hopefully, one day, we can look back on this strange moment with a bittersweet fondness.  Until then, stay home.  Stay safe.


Directed and Edited by Jared Varava
Produced by TAR+FEATHER
Cinematography by Jared Varava
Color by Robert Crosby // Neptune Post (neptunepost.com)
Audio Mixing Brad Dujmovic
Graphic Design Robert Archer
VFX Travis Button (hyphenate.tv)